Alexandra Ancilla

Area Director of Marketing Communications for LHM

Known by most people as a prominent public relations figure in Bali’s hospitality scene, Alexandra actually likes to keep to herself when she’s not wearing her hat as Area Director of Marketing Communications for LHM. While for her the current situation has its own challenges, she focuses on herself and her loved ones to stay positive and healthy.

Q: How has the stay-at-home situation changed your daily life?

A: I’ve always liked being at home and spending some quality me-time, so at first it did not bother me that much. But when you have a full-time job and you’re required to work from home, it has its own challenges. You need to be your own motivator, which is easier said than done, especially in these unusual times.

Q: What activities do you like to do now that you have to stay at home more?

A: I do home workouts every day to keep active and, more importantly, keep me sane. Last time I went to the gym, before the quarantine, was before Christmas last year, so that says something! Staying at home also means more cuddle time with my dogs, Muji and Teddy. My housemate and I are also currently fostering another dog, Lychee, so we have an additional furry buddy around the house keeping us busy and giving us smiles during this weird time.

Q: Please share your tips on what to do to stay positive at home.

A: Take this time to slow down and focus on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to those you follow on Instagram, where everyone seems to be so productive and learning new skills, it’s okay if you are not. At the end of the day, it’s a pandemic, not a productivity contest.

Q: Do you have any tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: I started meditating daily for the past couple of weeks and I find that it really calms me, especially when I start to get anxious around the house. Also, keep yourself fit and active by doing a simple home workout of your choice for at least 30 minutes every day. For those who love to snack at home, try to find a healthier alternative such as fruit, nuts, yoghurt or smoothies.

Q: Since you have to stay at home more, what do you miss most from normal life?

A: Sunsets on the beach and ordering an overpriced G&T at a bar!

Q: What is the first country you want to visit after the quarantine is over and why?

A: Being in quarantine away from family has me feeling a bit homesick. So, I’d have to say I’d want to head back to Jakarta to visit home when things get back to normal, hopefully soon.

Q: Can you share any new plans from your hotel once it’s back in full operations?

A: We plan to launch a residential arrangement called The ResidencesThese will focus on travellers who intend to stay in Bali for a minimum of two months, as well as nomads who choose to spend time between two nearby destinations, i.e. between Jakarta and Bali, Singapore and Bali, Hong Kong and Bali, Australia and Bali. We will be offering a special monthly rate inclusive of special privileges, such as nutrition consultations with our in-house nutritionist, organic and healthy shopping services, and much more. Stay tuned for that!