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Who needs snow flurries and winter coats when you have silvery sand beaches and flowering pink frangipani? Spend this winter holiday just eight degrees south of the equator in the ultimate haven of seaside seclusion, enlightened luxury and royal culture. Perched beneath the towering presence of Mount Agung and overlooking the deep blue Lombok Strait, Amankila is remote, yet accessible, making it an ideal oasis. Boasting spectacular views and exquisite service, Amankila is chic and understated, offering down to earth luxury in the spirit of traditional Balinese culture.

Cascading Luxury Suites

Brilliantly set on a hill that cascades down to a private beachfront, Amankila celebrates traditional architecture that melts elegantly into the natural East Bali environment. Amankila’s spacious, stilted suites are elevated to take full advantage of the enchanting sea and hillside views amongst the frangipani and bougainvillea. With their alang alang roof thatching, each one of their 34 suites is fashioned as a luxurious beach house. Cascading down the hillside, you can choose your ideal level of living. Spend an afternoon lounging on your outdoor terrace in the comfort of a plush daybed in one of Amankila’s Garden Suites, or take in the stunning seaside views from your own private infinity pool in the Kilasari Suite. If you’re looking for complete privacy and luxury, stay in the Amankila Suite. Offering two separate bedrooms that each open onto a large terrace with private aquamarine-tiled pool, enjoy private butler service, two lounging balés, sunbeds, lily ponds, views over both the beach and Amuk Bay.

Gastronomic Delights

At Amankila, every amenity is of the highest standard, including the cuisine. Gastronomic destinations in themselves, The Restaurant and The Terrace offer a standard of food and wine that is world class. Set back from Amankila’s iconic three-tiered pool, The Terrace serves Asian and Western cuisine for breakfast and lunch, while The Restaurant, floating above the main pool and overlooking the ocean, features a mix of Indonesian and Western cuisine for dinner.

Looking for a more intimate dining experience for you and your soulmate? Let Amankila treat you to a private dinner on the beach. Picture a secluded beach, romantically dressed with a single candle-lit table set for two. Let your private chef and waiter tend to your every need while you relish in every moment. For the perfect relaxation après dinner, a balé will be set up close by with a bonfire burning to brighten up the evening sky.

If you have spent enough time with your toes in the sand, treat yourself to a romantic poolside evening instead. Candles light the pathway down to a private balé set around Amankila’s signature three-tiered pool where your chef will prepare a personalized set menu using a selection of either Western or Indonesian delights. Let the gentle ocean breeze wash over you, and dine in total serenity with nothing but the sound of the waves breaking in the distance.

For those seeking more authentic Indonesian cuisine, the Rijsttafel dinner is the perfect culinary escapade. Served either in the privacy of your suite, The Restaurant or on a secluded table around Amankila’s three-tiered pool, the Rijsttafel offers a selection of 10 different dishes from Indonesia. Choose from a range of vegetarian, seafood and meat accompanied by rice that concludes with a trio of sorbets. If you’re really in the mood for an authentic experience, traditional Balinese dress can also be provided.

A Healing Journey

The traditional Balinese experience doesn’t end with immaculate accommodation and delectable cuisine. Pamper yourself with traditional Balinese massages and beauty treatments in the comfort of your own suite or hidden away amongst a grove of coconut palms and flowering bushes. Using the healing power of natural ingredients, treatments and massages are designed to stimulate as they revive, rejuvenate and soothe. Amankila also offers a true Balinese secret for you to experience, known as mepijet. This powerful and therapeutic massage is carried out by the local village healer, Gusti, whose healing touch will loosen tightness in the muscle tissue and restore optimum blood and oxygen circulation, giving you an overall sense of well-being.

For a more thorough journey to wellness, sign up for the four-night wellness retreat, incorporating the ancient practice of yoga, healthy meals, a spa treatment and a trek through one of Bali’s most scenic landscapes – the ideal context for the invigoration of mind, body and spirit.

Amankila Beach Club

When you’ve had your fill of rest and relaxation, release some of that positive energy at Amankila’s Beach Club. Located at the base of the cliff, you can either walk to the beach or take a ride in an open-air buggy. Soak up the sun on the private beach and enjoy drinks and light meals in one of the eight private lounging balés, or experience the magic of Bali that extends well beyond the island’s coastline. Kayak, sail a Hobie Cat, body board or windsurf. Cruise the strait and go for a snorkel or dive in the turquoise depths that teem with a kaleidoscope of brilliantly colored fish and corals. Dive around magnificent rock pinnacles to catch a glimpse of giant tuna and manta rays or swim through coral gardens to see playful clownfish hiding in sea anemones as well as moray eels, turtles, schooling barracuda and walls covered with hundreds of feather stars.

Regal Heritage

For a more locally charming experience, venture forth from Amankila and discover?East Bali’s extraordinary mix of cultural, spiritual and regal heritage. Villages tucked between emerald green rice paddies are towered over by sacred mountains where life has changed little over the centuries. Visit the royal palaces of Klungkung and Karangasem or take a trip to the two of the island’s most important temples, Luhur Lempuyang and Besakih. Let Amankila’s expert guides lead you on some of the island’s finest trekking – ranging from walks through rural villages, tropical forests and terraced rice fields – to adventurous mountain climbs. Cruise the Balinese countryside via mountain bike, or challenge yourself on the Telaga Waja River with an exhilarating rafting excursion. No matter how insatiable your appetite for adventure, or how culturally curious you may be, satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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