Anie Tidara

Director of Marketing & Communications at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Social butterfly Anie Tidara has enjoyed vibrant experiences in the world of public relations for over a decade before she was appointed Director of Marketing & Communications at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort this year. While the current situation can be challenging, Anie strides on and keeps a positive outlook about all aspects of her life.

Q: How has the stay-at-home situation changed your daily life?

A: It’s not just my life, I guess everyone’s life has changed with this situation. I think it’s good to take a break from a hectic life sometimes by staying home. I am personally using this time for self-growth and to focus more on my wellbeing. I can plan my day well and get a lot of things done. I still communicate with my team virtually on a day-to-day basis, and now I also have the time to cook healthy meals for myself, as well as to make the time at the end of the day to practice yoga. I believe nothing is a coincidence, I see the positivity in this situation for myself.

Q: What activities do you like to do now that you have to stay at home more?

A: I’m reading more books and practicing yoga. Although sometimes I do like buying food and supporting my friends’ local businesses, I also love to cook. I am grateful that I have more control of what I consume by doing my own healthy cooking.

Q: Please share your tips on what to do to stay positive at home.

A: Staying home for long periods of time may be challenging. To stay positive, read a meaningful book and listen to good music that touches your heart. Do take time to reconnect with your friends and family, especially if you live on your own. Make a short phone or video call and maintain that connection to spark your positivity at home.

Q: Do you have any tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: Always make time to exercise. Although sometimes it is difficult to push yourself to exercise, I still think being active is very important to stay positive in this current situation. Start by exercising a minimum of 30 minutes or one hour each day, and trust me, your body will thank you!

Q: Since you have to stay at home more, what do you miss most from normal life?

A: I guess going out to the beach is what I miss most as earthing is one of my favourite activities to connect with myself. Simply being out under the sun with my toes in the sand is what I miss the most.

Q: What is the first country you want to visit after the quarantine is over and why?

A: Actually, I don’t need to go out of the country. I’d be more than happy to visit another city in Indonesia. To be exact, it would be Bandung as I would love to be able to hug my son at last! I can’t wait to see and hug him once this all over.


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