Artscience Museum

Singapore’s ArtScience Museum, which set out to explore the intersection of art, science, technology and culture, developed a permanent exhibition to celebrate its fifth birthday. FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science is an exhibition co-curated with teamLab, a Japanese art collective that is particularly interested in using ground-breaking technology for the creation of works of art.

Sixteen digital art installations are centred on four main themes: Nature, Town, Park and Space. The exhibition is an invitation to play and explore, and to evoke in visitors a new and imaginative sense of wonder in the world around us. The employment of the newest technological developments is striking in Future World. Visitors get access to incredible, highly interactive, digital art installations and are welcomed to become co-creators of the artworks.

A fundamental idea of Future World is the fact that the museum intends to continually refresh the exhibition as science and technology evolve. This means that the exhibition will always remain a step ahead of its time, adding new art installations, which will reflect the advancements in the world of tech.

By sharing this creative vision, ArtScience Museum is ultimately showing us the way ahead when it comes to digital art and human interactions with it. Future World is a significant contribution to the history of art and, by employing innovative solutions, the exhibition proves that art does not only have to be aesthetically pleasing but it can also be fun.