Body Temple Spa


Nestled in the luxurious and sweeping grounds of Canggu Club, Body Temple Spa is one of the various amenities within Bali’s indulgent playground, which include a fitness centre, sports club, restaurants, Splash Water Park, Bounce Trampoline Centre, Strike Ten Pin Bowling and more. The abundant choice of activities at Canggu Club makes it easy to spend an entire day frolicking in the sunshine, eating great food or simply relaxing. With the latter in mind, I visited Body Temple Spa where knowledgeable experts could treat my tired skin, which had become dry in the Balinese heat. I knew that Body Temple Spa was the right choice as soon as I arrived at the spa doors, engulfed by a plethora of gorgeous aromas that gently wafted through the bright white space: I was about to embark on a beautiful journey into a world of calmness, pleasure and rejuvenation. Greeted by friendly and well-trained spa therapists, all beautiful in their matching uniforms, I settled on a Coconut Frangipani Body Treatment which promised to remove dead skin cells and impurities, leaving skin revitalised and with a healthy glow.

I was led to a private room filled with soothing music and the aroma of essential oils, whilst the sound of a soft gong marked the ceremonial beginning of realigning and balancing my mind and body. First, my body was cleansed with a coconut and frangipani scrub, which included powdered rice for extra polish. A lovely scent of bouquets and fruit filled my nostrils and I quickly gave in to the luxurious experience. A mask made of clay, coconut and frangipani was then wrapped around my whole body, with the goodies left to sink into my skin for about 20 minutes whilst the spa therapist offered an ultra-relaxing head massage. So comfortable and cosy, I could feel myself slipping into a deep slumber. Upon awaking, I enjoyed a warm shower in the adjoining bathroom to wash off the fragrant clay mask, and when I returned to the treatment room, I once again lay down on the spa bed to soak up a delicious coconut body lotion that was deeply massaged into my skin, as if being wrapped in pure wellness and love. Wholly rejuvenated and replenished, the Coconut Frangipani Body Treatment left my skin soft and smooth and with a healthy glow for many days to come. Refined and full of natural ingredients, it seems that striving to remain young and beautiful had never been so relaxing… no day pass required.

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