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Serving unique tapas, signature cocktails and incredible desserts, Cuca has all the best bits of a menu covered.

Cuca is a legend in Bali, a magnet for gastronomes and even international celebrities who meander into this culinary playground where Chef Kevin Cherkas lets his imagination run riot creating fascinating often unexpected dishes, each with their own tale to tell.

The years of experience gained in Michelin-starred restaurants saw Chef Kevin develop a deep, philosophical understanding of basic and complex ingredients and a genuine passion for cooking with detailed execution and precision. It was unquestionably Bali’s good fortune when he decided to move to the island and get back to having fun in the kitchen with the Cuca concept.

Split into four dining areas comprising a wonderfully interactive food bar overlooking the kitchen, an air-conditioned dining room, a spacious garden lounge and an outdoor cocktail bar, guests can choose their favourite spot to peruse the small, painstakingly curated menu. Every dish is prepared purely with locally sourced ingredients and based on Kevin’s philosophy, “If we serve it, we make it”.

In fact, regular Cuca diners are so passionate about the menu that changes are often met with fierce resistance; to ease this pain the team have introduced an off-menu selection of limited edition dishes for long-time guests looking for something new. A recent feature is the full tasting menu designed specifically for vegetarians, as well as lactose or gluten-intolerant diners, allowing even more people to bask in the full Cuca experience.

The Chef’s Tasting Meal is the go-to favourite for many diners at Cuca, but choosing your own dishes and drinks as you explore the versatility and quirks of Chef Kevin’s creativity can be very satisfying.

A fascinating start is a light fluffy cloud that vanishes instantaneously in your mouth in a rich, spicy burst of Balinese chicken betutu flavour that tastes amazing, dazzles the taste buds and leaves you wondering what exactly it was. In fact, it is a taste of things to come – familiar flavours and shapes in unique or unusual guises that challenge you to identify them.

Cheese dumplings

One of Chef Kevin’s goals is that diners are never really sure what to expect from anything, such as the off-menu chilli satay, which sees glistening long red chillies served amid long green chillies. The hint is in the name and, warned to only eat the red ones, as you bite off an end you find all the tastes of traditional-style chicken satay, from the meat and spices to even the pickles, flooding your mouth.  This deceptively simple dish is just one of many alluring but thought-stimulating items to traverse.

It’s not just the food at Cuca that has been reimagined – all the drinks are signature creations, unique, satisfying and found nowhere else. The signature drinks are available with or without alcohol and inspired by beverages as basic as iced tea, chocolate milk, gin and tonic and sangria.

Whether you are romancing a loved one, bringing your kids to try the kids’ menu or celebrating with a large group of friends, Cuca’s wonderful team will set up the right ambience, from red roses on the table, to kids’ colouring sheets, to elegantly curtained off, private dining areas. It’s ideal for a cocktail and dessert, tapas and beer, a family meal, as well as celebrations for hundreds.




Red wine mix:

  • ¼ cup red wine
  • ½ shot vanilla brandy (to make it, put 5 cut up vanilla pods into a brandy bottle, keep at room temperature for 1 week
  • to infuse)
  • ½ cup soda water
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice


  1. Mix brandy with red wine and soda, honey and lemon juice. Stir gently so as not to remove bubbles from the soda.


Iced fruit

  • 1 cup  pineapple, juice
  • 1 cup  tangerine, juice
  • 1 cup  watermelon, juice
  • 1 cup  yellow watermelon, juice


  1. Juice fruits individually and strain to remove pulp.
  2. Freeze juice in ice cube trays.
  3. Place the ice cubes in a glass and serve the red wine mix separately allowing your friends to pour it over the
  4. ice cubes.



Jalan Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran, Bali 80364, Indonesia

T: (+62) 361708066


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