Dapoer Nika

A collaboration between chef Kieran Morland of Merah Putih and his wife to bring healthy and delicious meals to your table.

Kieran Morland is no stranger to the culinary scene in Bali. After honing his skills in top kitchens around New York City and London, the Australian-born chef decided to move to Bali to open Merah Putih and Sangsaka. Using his passion to cook Indonesian cuisine, the young chef has stolen the hearts of food connoisseurs and made Bali the ultimate culinary destination in Indonesia.

Along with his wife, Yunika Fullis, they created Dapoer Nika to offer diners the chance to have freshly made food that is both healthy and delicious. During this time, when staying at home is more important than ever, Dapoer Nika provides delivery services and a menu that changes every day. Expect Indonesian-influenced dishes that include bebek bumbu Bali, ayam ketumbar or soy glazed chicken, lamb shank, cumi woku, ayam betutu and more, complete with side dishes and white rice or corn rice. Vegetarian dishes are also available, and Kieran and Yunika are more than happy to cater to food dietary requirements.

The new menu is posted every Sunday on Dapoer Nika social media (@dapoernika) and orders are taken through WhatsApp on (+62) 81999700444.

T: (+62) 81999700444