Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa


The recently opened Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa in Seminyak offers guests an amazing array of truly traditional treatments fit for royalty.

The Martha Tilaar Group is named after its famous founder, who started selling traditional Indonesian beauty products over 40 years ago. She began selling her own cosmetics made using local spices and traditional techniques as a home business, but the enterprise quickly expanded and soon became regionally renowned for its extensive range of high-quality beauty products as well as its numerous luxury spas offering traditional treatments.

Last year saw the opening of Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa in Seminyak, Bali. Like the group’s other spas, the concept behind Eastern Garden comes from elements of Indonesian culture that have been strongly influenced by Chinese and Indian traditions. These ancient civilisations scoured the Indonesian archipelago in search of exotic herbs and spices while at the same time leaving an imprint that has enriched Indonesian culture immensely.

The treatments that are expertly administered at Eastern Garden come from places ranging from the Spice Islands of Indonesia to the vast empire of China to the mountains of India. These natural and holistic remedies aim to relieve the physical tension brought about by hectic lifestyles and stressful environments. (Incorporating exotic herbs and spices, traditional treatments from the ancient systems of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and Indonesian massage are brought together at Eastern Gardens). By utilising these ancestral secrets, the spa’s therapists are trained to balance the body, comfort the mind and feed the spirit.

Reflecting the multi-ethnic origins of its healing treatments, Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa consists of two floors and seven treatment rooms with different themes such as Balinese, Thai, Japanese, Moroccan, Indian, European and Victorian, each designed to transport guests into a different dimension of serenity. The entrance and common area of The Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa reflects the brand’s Betawi origins through its distinctive Javanese design.

While the treatments offered up at Eastern Garden are based in ancient medical systems and ritual, therapists are supported by sophisticated technology, such as the PROGNOS Diagnosis System that measures the meridian chakras in the body, allowing therapists to focus their attentions on the areas of the body most in need of their healing touch.

Each treatment is designed to allow spa lovers to experience the cultural richness of Indonesia, China and India. Exotic treatments include Trikaya Parisuda, which uses coconut as its main ingredient, the Chinese Empress Silk Art Movement, which utilizes silk fabric, and Kerala Shirodara, which is famous for opening the body’s chakras. The Signature Traditional Massage treatment was refined from research into practice throughout Indonesia, utilising the best techniques from Bali, Java and Borneo. It is a treatment unique to Martha Tilaar Spas.

One of the most luxurious treatments at Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa is a special Honeymoon Package called “King and Queen of Bali,” which is meant for newlyweds and couples looking for a truly romantic royal treatment. The spa package was inspired by the story of Rama and Sita, the famous lovers from the Ramayana [see box for more details].

While there are many spas in Bali, Martha Tilaar Eastern Garden Spa truly offers a unique treatment menu and excellence in every detail, from the design of the rooms to the technology used in the ritualistic treatments to the high quality products. For those looking for an authentic spa experience, it is definitely one to check out.

Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa

Jl. Camplung Tanduk No 5A Seminyak, Bali

T: (+62) 361731648

E: asstspa-manager@easterngardenmarthatilaarspa.com