Enchanting Gourmet Dining

Indulge your palate with an outstanding culinary journey at Apéritif Bar & Restaurant.

The talented team at Apéritif is passionate about providing guests with an unforgettable fine dining experience, from pre-dinner drink and canapés, to one-of-a-kind dishes, and an outstanding wine selection.

Situated in a tropical Colonial-style building with lovely views and a design inspired by the Roaring Twenties, Apéritif is home to both a suave bar and an eye-catching restaurant, each with its own remarkable style that pampers the eyes even before the taste buds.


Guests start the evening with a sunset drink in the gorgeous bar with its distinct gentlemen’s club feel. Serving an excellent range of premium spirits and cocktails from the sunken bar, it has dark green walls, comfortable brown leather armchairs and sofas, a billiard table and views across the rice fields, giving it a welcoming ambience.

While sipping on an excellent cocktail, like the signature Tamarillo Negroni, guests can peruse the eight-course degustation menu – there is also a vegetarian menu – and inform their server of their choices. Once ready, they are taken into the dramatic black and white dining room, a vivid venue with a bustling open kitchen at one end and the wine collection along the other. Seating 60, the tables are set with heavy linen tablecloths, while the larger ones flaunt plumes of black and white feathers, adding to the feel of a bygone era with a touch of modern sophistication.

Black Puff Canape

The menu embraces the influences of today’s global travel, accentuated by herbs, fruit and produce available locally in Bali, all crafted into unique dishes through the skill, imagination and flair of Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken. Focused on using the best available produce and drawing upon years of experience, Chef Nic and his team create new flavours, merge cooking styles and flavour profiles, and once satisfied with the flavour, create the most beautiful presentations for each dish.

While the menu changes depending on the availability of fresh produce, guests can expect popular dishes like venison wellington, which is carved at the table and delivers delicious venison with rendang flavours and foie gras enveloped within buttery pastry. Iberico pork with Indonesian rawon; squab with Mexican mole; Papua crab with caviar, ikura and gulai; and Kagoshima A5 wagyu with black garlic are other dishes that feature on the mouth-watering Apéritif menu that are sure to linger in your memory.

Papua Crab

The desserts are playful creations, where Pastry Chef Alexander McKinstry takes inspiration from comforting, childhood flavours and presents flawless haute cuisine. An extensive wine list with over 180 labels means dinner can be perfectly paired to your taste.


Jalan Lanyahan

Banjar Nagi, Ubud

Bali 80571, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3619082777

E: res@aperitif.com


Asia Dreams February – April 2020