Face Kitchen

Famed for its delicious Thai and North Indian cuisines, Face Kitchen is giving out special discount on every takeaway order.

Located in the buzzing area of Senopati, Face Kitchen is the go-to place for city dwellers looking for fine Thai and North Indian dishes. Helmed by New Delhi-born chef Som, the menu is filled with delightful comfort food that brings a smile to diners’ faces, including treats like tom yam goong, pad thai, massaman curry, as well as murgh makhni and rogan josh accompanied by delicious homemade tandoor baked naan.

In an effort to encourage people to stay at home, the restaurant is now offering a 15 percent discount on every takeaway order. Valid for food only, this special promotion is allowing people to enjoy authentic dishes from the comfort of their own home. Be sure to put your order in right now by calling the restaurant on (+62) 8118555526.

Face Kitchen

Jalan Tulodong Bawah

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

T: (+62) 8118555526

E: info@facekitchen.id


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