Fragrant For The Holidays

Sensatia Botanicals launches its first fragrance line with three different scents.

Sensatia Botanicals, Indonesia’s leading natural beauty care brand, is launching Elements Fragrance Collection just in time for the holidays.

The innovative new range consists of perfume and eau de cologne, with each bottle containing pure botanical extracts with no synthetic fragrances or chemicals added. The perfume is the most concentrated, while the eau de cologne is suitable to spritz on and freshen up throughout the day. Both are crafted with a vegan formulation and without animal testing.

Available in three different scents, the collection is formulated with select plant extracts to achieve satisfaction and better longevity. Aurum (or Au) is feminine and offers the invigorating fragrance of magnolia blossom and mandarin orange, underpinned by soft floral notes. Neptunium (or Np) is more masculine, reminiscent of the sultry aromas of a tropical spice market. Meanwhile, Osmium (or Os) is crafted to suit everyone with a top note of citrusy grapefruit that keep you uplifted and energized throughout the day.