Golden Auction at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta kicked off this year by putting up a 24-carat Golden Mooncake for auction at Shang Palace. With a starting bid of IDR100,000,000, this masterfully crafted 24-carat trinket was auctioned as part of the five-star hotel’s charity programme in mid-July 2016 with all proceeds donated to the hotel’s selected orphanage partner.

The lavish set included a 24-carat Golden Mooncake made with premium lotus paste and covered with layers of 24-carat gold leaves, along with additional prestigious one-of-a-kind collectors’ items: TWG Gold Tea, a gold teapot and Cristal Champagne in opulent packaging. To complete the luxurious experience, the hotel’s chauffeured butler delivered the Golden Mooncake in a limousine to the winner’s doorstep.

At the auction event, the 24-carat Golden Mooncake, along with the entire set, was gloriously displayed at Shang Palace in a specially crafted case that screamed luxury. Loyal guests and selected business partners were invited to join the auction and the bidding war for this limited edition mooncake was pretty intense.