History in Time


Zenith, a fine watchmaking establishment with nearly 200 years of history and experience, has come up with the latest collector’s items that transcend the world of art and practical timekeeping.

The latest version of Christophe Colomb Hurricane Revolución, the most complicated timepiece from Zenith, consists of three limited edition timepieces created in tribute to the great South American revolutionary figures: Simón Bolívar, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and Emiliano Zapata. These revolutionaries, who fought for the poor and downtrodden, have been chosen as they echo the three major horological discoveries with which each watch is equipped: gravity control (patented system), fuse-chain transmission and an unparalleled cadence of 36,000 vibrations an hour.

Each watch is decorated with artistic crafts rarely seen in fine watchmaking, namely enameling, micro-painting and micro engraving. Upon turning the face of the clock, a surprise waits on the back; a painted surface of one of the South American figures against a backdrop of the southern hemisphere.

The back of the first watch features a miniature painting of general and politician Simón Bolívar. All the details are finely carved and painted by hand with the outmost delicacy, under a microscope. It is made of 950 platinum. The second watch is adorned with a micro-painting of the man behind the Cuban revolution, Ernesto Guevara, known as Che, wearing his famous beret and surrounded by his followers. The character is in 18-carat pink gold and carved by hand. The third model, while featuring the figure Emiliano Zapata, is also an eye-catching reference to Mexican art, with bright colors surrounding the portrayal of a rider and his horse astride the gyroscopic module, using 18-carat yellow gold for its case.

Meanwhile, the front face of each timepiece is open-dial architecture, so the wearer will be able to admire the original mechanisms characteristic of Zenith timepieces. The three gold subdials are finely guilloche and enameled, and equipped with blue-steeled hands. The cases are all 45 mm in diameter and water resistant to 30 meters. The retail price for each is around USD419,000.

These three exceptional timepieces are presented in a mahogany box adorned with corner trims and an oxbone lock. Effigies of the three figures are silkscreened onto a piece of papyrus embedded in the cover. When the watches are removed, the box transforms into a case that is able to keep up to 200 cigars in excellent condition.


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