If you’re familiar with Potato Head Beach Club in Bali, Hong Kong might seem a surprising choice for a new addition to the Potato Head family. However, it turns out that the company is flexible and when opening a new venue, it creates a fashionable destination that fits the general vibe of the place. This is exactly the case with Kaum at Potato Head, Hong Kong, a restaurant inside a lifestyle club that is located high up at Sai Ying Pun’s Third Street. Although space in Hong Kong is usually rather confined, Potato Head Hong Kong managed to secure a staggering 745-sq.m. space in the middle of a vibrant neighbourhood. Diners can chose between sitting at the bar, which gives a chance to peek into the open kitchen, or at one of the two long communal wooden tables. Kaum’s interior design is Indonesian at heart with incredible carved and hand-painted panels from South Sulawesi adorning the ceiling.

With its 18,000 islands and 600 ethnic groups, there are not many countries on our planet that are as diverse as Indonesia, and an effort to create a good representation of Indonesian cuisine is a great and challenging journey – one that is performed with great care at Kaum. In order to create a truly authentic Indonesian dining experience, the creative minds behind the restaurant set out to find and document rare and indigenous cooking methods, ingredients and flavours. Some of these can now be savoured at Kaum, and among recognisable Indonesian dishes, such as gado gado (lightly blanched vegetables with boiled eggs, prawn chips and peanut sauce), babi guling (roast suckling pig) or ikan bakar (a charcoal-grilled barramundi), you will find extremely original dishes prepared using a thousand-year-old bamboo cooking method, such as pa’piong ayam – a tender and juicy chicken, marinated in Sulawesi spices and grated coconut, wrapped in a banana leaf before being cooked inside bamboo over hot rocks. Striving to represent assorted Indonesian cuisine in a gourmet environment, Kaum combines the exotic with the familiar, offering a plethora of Indonesian cuisine as you have never experienced it before.


Favourite Feature

Since Kaum is a part of the Potato Head family, you can expect award-winning mixologists to be the creators of incredible drinks at the restaurant. The Indonesian tastes are the leading thought behind the cocktails, which celebrate local flavours and ingredients. Try starting your meal with the Indo 75, which is a take on the classic French 75, and let the lemongrass-infused gin, lemon juice, mint syrup and sparkling wine add another level to your Indonesian trip at Kaum.