Kids, Assemble!

Get ready to play and explore for a fun-filled day.

There is nothing more fun for kids at the weekend than outside activities that involve playgrounds, swimming pools and sweet snacks. To stay cool and look great during their weekend fun, dress your kids in chic and comfortable clothes from Justice by Kanmo Group, with choices from denim to swimwear just perfect for your kids.

A great place for their weekend fun splashing and sliding with friends is Raffles Jakarta. This oasis in the middle of the city offers an outdoor park designed by Hendra Gunawan equipped with a jogging track where children can freely run around, slide and swing in the playground all day long. And if they can’t get enough of water activities, they can jump into the children’s pool overlooking the pool bar, which serves delicious light bites guaranteed to make it hard to leave.

All this running around outdoors is sure to make them thirsty for a refreshing drink, as well as for adventure. Perfect for kids is the AQUA Avengers series inspired by Marvel’s Avengers. Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk and Thor have teamed up on this handy water bottle with an attractive design that features powerful screen art and colourful sports cap. Kids can take a swig with their favourite Avengers characters from an AQUA Avengers water bottle and get ready to battle against a hot and sweaty day.

Feel the power of earth’s mightiest heroes in each sip of the purity of AQUA Avengers water to recharge your kids’ day, paired delightfully with a tempting dessert from Raffles Patisserie. The cute looking, soft cheesecake creates an exceptional combination with the AQUA Avengers’ striking bottle design, just like each child’s unique personality.

Asia Dreams August – October 2019