Teuco’s new collection of Hydrospas designed by Nilo Gioacchini: another reason to spend time together.

Cheers! is the new collection of Hydrospas where sociability and relaxation liaise with the best whirlpool by Teuco. Bubbles, lights, music: in the new project dedicated to those who enjoy sharing their experience of well-being and fun with their loved ones, the focus is on pleasure.

Nilo Gioacchini’s design combined with technology that is “made in Teuco” define the personality of these unprecedented mini-pools, the perfect place to spend time with friends or loved ones, or to enjoy some quality alone time with the satisfying and intense embrace of water. All this is possible thanks to Teuco’s very best know-how in manufacturing technology, along with the company’s innate passion for beauty: to make great ideas come true, to make everyone’s dreams a reality and to redefine the concept of taking care of yourself.

Designed as a portable spa to be installed directly onto the floor, the Cheers mini-pools immediately become queen bee of any garden, patio, veranda or terrace. Yet still at home, to provide the utmost pleasure without forgetting about environmental friendliness. Attentive as ever to offering environmentally-friendly products, Teuco in fact offers Cheers in two versions each with a truly green approach:

•    ECO SUNNY, the ideal solution for temperate climates or indoor installations, thanks to its drastically reduced maximum electricity consumption;
•    with the ECO function, which temporarily limits electricity absorption and allows the mini-pool to operate with reduced performance levels, at the same time as other household appliances.

In addition, Teuco also gives customers the opportunity to heat the water in the Hydrospas using solar panels. Thanks to the heat exchanger supplied, the mini-pools can in fact be linked up to an existing solar panel system, thereby limiting electricity consumption.

Comfort begins with the standard features.
The seats, which are comfortable and ergonomically shaped, are designed to enjoy the moment to the full thanks to the comfortable anatomically contoured headrests, all in grey.

The numerous chromed whirlpool jets are all illuminated with underwater LED lights which create enchanting effects and make the atmosphere even more evocative. Distributed on the seats and chaise longues, they are positioned in strategic points to target specific areas of the body during the massage. The jets can be custom-adjusted to differ in both flow rate and intensity as well as in the mixture of air and water and the nozzle direction, so that the bubbling flow of water and the colours inspired by the sky and sea envelop the body like a wave of well-being.

To make the experience even more enchanting, Teuco has fitted Cheers with blowers with aromatherapy which diffuse the finest essential oils – supplied by Teuco and absolutely skin-friendly – into the surroundings. The latter also do not release any foam, keeping the water crystal-clear, and they do not damage the surface of the tub. The underwater light also enhances the magical effect, especially at night, while the small waterfalls are beneficial for both body and mind thanks to the pleasant sound of flowing water and the resulting oxygenation, contributing naturally to sanitising the bathtub.
The relaxing experience is enhanced by the sophisticated Cromoexperience system, fitted on the underwater light and jets, which colours every moment spent in the water in a variety of appealing shades, making the experience truly unique. The colour combinations available make it possible to choose the most suitable hue for any occasion: an automatic change in colour at five-second intervals, high-frequency intermittent flashing white light, progressive change in colour from white, to sky blue, purple, blue, yellow, green and red.

There is also the spafrog function: the fully integrated system – the best currently available – which automatically applies the correct quantity of chemicals to treat the water and which is connected to the recirculation system during the filtration cycles.

Alongside these standard features, there is a highly scalable range of optionals available: starting with the Bluetooth audio system and the 4 loudspeakers with “Oyster®” vibration technology built into the structure, which turn the mini-pool into a sound diffuser, giving users the extraordinary possibility of listening to music – even underwater. Total relaxation, where the music notes act as a backdrop to the harmonious sound of flowing water. The sound is further perfected by the professional amplifier and subwoofer.

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