Like for Light

Beer lovers will welcome the news that Heineken Light is now available in Indonesia. The latest innovation in Heineken’s 150-year history has been hotly anticipated since its launch in 2014. Heineken Light is popular worldwide as a premium product famed for an alcohol content of only 3.3%, lower calories and a cool refreshing flavour.

Heineken Light is crafted lovingly from premium ingredients, including cascade hops, the choice hops used by respected craft brewers all around the world. The cascade hops impart a brilliant floral and fruity taste to the refreshing Heineken Light.

Based on research by independent TNS research firm in 2016, Heineken Light is the consumer’s drink of choice to unwind after a long work day or while savouring a beachside holiday getaway. A beer with less alcohol and fewer calories is a winning combination for a hectic lifestyle, with the added upside of the same great taste.

Heineken Light is enthusiastically endorsed by Instagram celebrity Ellysa Sinsilia (@esinsilia) and Beergembira’s founder Ade Putri Paramadita. Heineken Light is the perfect chill-out companion amid their busy schedules and jet-setting lifestyle.

As part of Heineken Light’s campaign, Heineken has collaborated with Danjyo Hiyoji to launch the Albesen vacation collection. The vacation collection features 25 different pieces for men and women, set in classic Heineken white against green. Heineken was proud to be one of the official sponsors of Sensation 2018 held at ICE BSD on February 2018.