Moto 360

The new Moto 360 is certainly one of the best-looking and comfortable smart watches released so far, featuring two sizes: 42mm and 46mm, or three if you consider the different band sizes available. Using Moto Maker, you can choose between hundreds of different combinations of straps, bezels, finishes and colours, thus customizing the smart watch to fit your exact style. Due to continuous updates, navigating the OS has been made easier, especially with apps, contacts and actions. In addition, the Wi-Fi compatibility has made it easy to wander around away from your smartphone while connecting to networks on the go. Also, the Moto 360 allows you to pair watches, which helps speed up the process of sharing messages, emojis, activities and more with others. This watch is still focused on beginner fitness enthusiasts with its built-in Moto Body and simple sport features such as daily and weekly heart minutes, steps and analysis after 14 days of tracking. However, fitness goers are able to choose the Moto 360 Sport edition, which was announced alongside the Moto 360, for a smart watch that fits their purpose.