Mozaic Beachclub

As the wild child of the venerable Mozaic Ubud flagship, Mozaic Beachclub creates a different kind of excitement amongst Bali’s foodies. Bringing in a spirited crowd and being right beside the seaside, Executive Chef and co-owner James Ephraim takes a more casual approach to his cuisine compared to the famed sister restaurant.

With breezy fare and a vibrant beachside atmosphere, Mozaic Beachclub is a more casual Mozaic experience. The restaurant and bar areas offer up everything you could wish for while dining beside Bali’s oceanfront; from the shaded decking areas serving gourmet tapas sand-in-your-toes style, to the six-course degustation menu served upstairs in the candlelit dining room. We’re highlighting the six-course tasting menu here, because it truly demonstrates the full scope of Chef Ephraim’s culinary flair.

Six Scrumptious Courses

Surprise nibbles from the chef find us ooh-ing and ahh-ing before the degustation has even begun, whetting our appetites with a bed of chilled foie gras topped with a sesame foam and small chunks of green apple. But it is the signature Clay Potato amouse bouche that kick starts a “how do they do it?” conversation. It appears to be a solid pebble from the beach – hard and grey with only a dollop of tangy aioli to suggest it is edible. Inside the crunchy shell, a perfectly creamy potato awaits.

To celebrate such a successful start, we order a luxurious glass of Louis Roederer “Brut Premier” Champagne, and flawlessly paired with the bubbles, we are served a delicate carpaccio of fresh swordfish belly. A citrusy Japanese Ponzu dressing adds a zesty touch to the buttery fish, while fresh cucumber and salty bottarga contrasts with a little crunch.

Next up, a seared fillet of sea bass is a true show-stopper, drizzled in a zesty kaffir lime reduction then sprinkled with spiced almonds and shaved fennel. The fish is cooked superbly, but it is the immaculate marriage of ingredients that really blows us away. The shaved fennel and the tang of the kaffir lime infusion makes each bite wonderfully balanced, and we would have been totally satisfied with this alone, until we combined a bite with one of the ‘Andaliman’ spiced almonds. It is incredible how one tiny ingredient can make such a difference, but it just seemed to round off the dish like a cherry on top of a cake. It transformed an exceptional dish into the sublime.

Onto the main courses and slow roasted pork belly is matched with seared octopus, fresh apple and a kaffir lime infused gel. Then for a totally different flavour, an Angus Beef Tenderloin sees an indulgent twist on Sumatran rendang, with authentic spices, cepe mushroom and a parmesan foam.

Finally it’s time for the sweet stuff, and although my sweet tooth isn’t as prominent as my savoury, Chef Ephraim’s desserts were two of the many highlights of the evening. First, a fresh chunk of A.O.C Fourme D’Ambert cheese is served atop a coconut ‘Sable’, then finished with a decadent red wine gel and red wine ice cream. As weird and wonderful as it sounds, the red wine ice cream is a huge hit thanks to its spiced mulled wine flavours complementing the strong blue cheese.

The degustation concludes with “Mozaic’s Clay”, where a neat chocolate shell resembles a kaffir lime. Crack open the shell and a piquant kaffir lime gelato perfectly oozes out onto a soft and velvety chocolate mousse. These contrasting flavours are further pepped up with chunks of confied “belimbing wuluh” (a type of local starfruit), finished with a “chocolate crumble” as the pièce de résistance. It ends the evening on a very sweet and particularly high note. Compliments to the chef, indeed.

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