Norms of the New Normal

What to expect and what to do in the so-called “new normal” while still being safe and considerate to yourself and people around you.


Wearing face masks is now just as common and as mandatory as wearing clothes. It’s important to learn about the different materials, and which ones are more comfortable for you while being effective in stopping the spread of the virus. If you have a mask made from fabric, always remember to wash it after wearing it outside the house. And be sure to keep spares to wear when yours are in the wash.

Washing Hands

Washing hands has always been important and now even more so. We can’t stress this enough, wash your hands frequently. You can carry a little bottle of liquid soap with you so that you can keep your hands clean anytime anywhere. For situations where there is no water, carry a hand sanitiser with you so you can stay clean. 

The Changing Work Situation

The current situation has forced many industries and companies to change their work situations, with the majority implementing WFH, or work from home. While we hope that things are back to normal soon, in the meantime, people with professions that allow them to work remotely can help to keep things safe through social distancing and doing their work at home. If there’s something the situation has proven, it is that working in collective cubicles is not always efficient, or necessary.

Going Digital

To minimalize physical contact with other people and lessen the distribution of items that pass through many hands, which increases the risk of passing on germs, digital platforms are now needed more than ever. Online shopping is served by many apps that offer the comfort of getting your daily needs from the palm of your hand. Meetings, concerts, and even religious sermons have all found their place in the digital realm.

Social Distancing

Different regions have different regulations about social distancing, restrictions and boundaries. While some public places are still open, we must remind ourselves to pay attention to our distance from other people. If you go to a supermarket to buy groceries and find that it’s packed, it may be better to postpone your plan. If you see your favourite coffee shop is open and pretty quiet, maybe it’s your chance to grab that cup of joe you’ve been longing for. It’s all about common sense and good judgement.

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