Rearranging the Refrigerator


Here are some ways to better store your food in the fridge for healthier results.

Spring cleaning

Before you start organizing your fridge for a better and healthier lifestyle, make sure you clean the fridge of anything stale or expired. If you find anything you have bought but you are not sure you will use in time, maybe donate it (if it’s not opened or touched). Check the expiration dates on everything in the fridge and toss out everything that has expired. Do this regularly to ensure there are no rotten products to ruin the freshness of other products.

Spot the fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables don’t last for a long time, so be sure not to take them for granted before they go rotten. Clean, wash, chop and store your fruits and vegetables as soon as you’re back from the grocery store. Store them in clear food containers, and place them where you can easily see and grab them in the fridge. That way you will remember you have them, and since they’re ready to eat or process, you don’t have any excuse to overlook them.

Raw bottom

Store raw meat, poultry and seafood in a container or a tray and put them on the bottom shelf in the fridge. This tip is actually a food safety measure that’s required by restaurants, because if there are any spillages from the raw produce, you don’t want it to spoil the other items in the fridge. Put the raw products to the back where it tends to be the coldest.

Better together

It’s always better to group foods and ingredients based on similarity. This makes it more efficient for you, your fridge looks neater, and it’s also better for the quality and freshness of each ingredient if you don’t just put it all together randomly.

Practice meal prep

Making a pre-prepared meal is a hassle at first, but it will make your life easier in the long run. Remember to meal prep foods that hold up well in storage and taste good after a few days in the fridge, anything that you can simply reheat in the microwave, such as cooked meat, roasted or raw vegetables, and soups. By meal prepping, you also make sure that the ingredients you have in the fridge are put to good use.

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