TAG Heuer: Connected Modular 45

The undisputed king of smartwatch fashion.

When the world of hi-tech meets the world of fashion the result can be sensational. The Modular 45 is one such example and as TAG Heuer’s second android watch it sits unashamedly as the undisputed king of luxury smartwatch fashion.

The M45’s design builds upon the brand’s classic Carrera watches. The watch not only offers face and strap customisation, but physical customisation too such as the ring and lugs. There is a huge range of easily interchangeable options. 

The M45 is an example of where the development of Android Wear can take us. An Intel Atom Z34XX chipset is the heart supported by 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. With Bluetooth connectivity this can remove the need to carry a phone or music player and of course makes accessing the many Google facilities like maps seamless. The face is large and clear and the operation intuitive. With the M45, TAG Heuer is also making a bold fashion statement. There is a no compromise feel and undoubtedly everything from the bodywork to the strap looks and feels superior to its rivals. Add to this the modular options and the sheer weight of the brand and the M45 is a sure-fire winner.