The Anvaya Beach Resorts Bali


The Anvaya Beach Resorts Bali is the latest holiday destination to open its doors in Kuta, Bali’s fun-filled tourist capital with activities, entertainment, shopping and pulsating night life right on the doorstep. Located in the same spot that Hotel Santika Premiere Beach Resorts once sat – a huge shaded area filled with beautiful exotic flora and a breathtaking beach – the resort not only boasts a peaceful ambience with breathtaking ocean views in the centre of it all, but is the perfect tropical getaway for soaking up the true culture of the Island of the Gods. Though plenty of hotels in Indonesia claim to honour Balinese culture, few go to the same extent that The Anvaya Beach Resorts Bali has. Inspired by its name, meaning “connection” in Balinese, the resort’s architecture, concept and lifestyle venues are wholly built around the island’s charming traditions and heritage.

The Balinese place great importance on the connection between humans, culture, nature, spirituality and the evolution of the inter-relationships between them, and as such, The Anvaya Beach Resorts Bali represents the island’s evolution through time, from The Bali Aga period, to Hindu Bali and finally, modern day Bali as we know it in 2016.Starting right from the very beginning, the Bali Aga era is honoured in the resort’s nine meeting rooms, grand ballroom and within the 160 Deluxe rooms, through architectural styling and decorations that nod to Tenganan village, where the true Bali Aga lifestyle can still be witnessed today.

Hindu Bali is then reflected within the central section of the resort where 302 Premiere rooms, eight Deluxe suites and six Premiere suites pay homage to the 15th century when Bali was invaded by the Javanese Majapahit kingdom that brought about a new fusion of cultures and beliefs.Last but not least, modern day Bali is represented by focusing on the diverse and unique creations of Balinese modern art from contemporary artists in unique galleries in and around Bali, with each piece exhibited in the 10 luxurious villas. With this inspiring ambience, The Anvaya Beach Resorts Bali is a truly tropical hideaway. Blending luxury accommodation, comfort and convenience, together with its unmistakable odes to Balinese culture, The Anvaya Beach Resorts Bali has created a wholly new breed of holiday resort.


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