The Love Bracelet by Cartier

The bracelet starts with its choice of shape; an oval, so that it fits as closely as possible around the loved one’s wrist. Next come the screws, dazzling and instantly recognisable, they identify the bracelet at first glance and boost its androgynous charm. The LOVE bracelet’s appeal also stems from its pure, understated and ergonomic design, which caused it to be coveted by men as much as by women. This is one of the keys to the piece’s success, modern before its time, reconciling feminine and masculine.

Couples everywhere wear the bracelet to proclaim their love for one another for all to see, like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, or Frank Sinatra and his wife Nancy. These famous couples chose to wear the legendary bracelet, whose iconic and sentimental power has endured over the generations.

This latest version is more delicate, but otherwise alike in every way with its wrist-hugging oval shape emphatically punctuated with screws. A variation on a universal classic! A show of strength, a state of mind and a symbol of commitment to romance, wear it to signify the love that it embodies and joins together. A passion to share, worn singly, layered or alongside the original, further solidifying the link. How far would you go for love?

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