The Mozaic Beach Club

A Masterpiece of Theatrical Décor




Created for Chris Salans, Mozaic’s renowned Chef-Owner, the new private dining space is a romantic and dramatic room where the Mozaic name meets the eccentric and surprisingly delightful chic décor of Lotus Arts de Vivre.  Under a starry sky, surrounded by gold lotus ponds and silver-gilded lion and dragon heads, the Mozaic dining experience, tasting menus and precious ingredients are paired with excellent service and culinary savoir faire.

The private dining room welcomes up to 20 guests at any one time and features not only a magnificent theatrical décor but the tasting menus of Chefs Chris Salans and James Ephraim.  Offering a culinary voyage, the dining room’s setting of two large round glass tables allows for a convivial dinner with loved ones or business associates. Menus designed especially for you will meet the theatrics of the dining room’s décor in an unforgettable way.

The relationship between Lotus Arts de Vivre, Chris Salans and the Mozaic name has evolved through the years starting many years ago with special events in Thailand and Malaysia. Lotus Arts de Vivre is at the edge of elegant Asian fusion, and their boutiques and shows attract Asia’s top style icons. The von Bueren family, creators of the brand and its success, live together in a cluster of traditional houses in a lush compound nestled in the heart of Bangkok.  Their love affair with Bali and its crafts brings the sensibility of Asian fusion to the boutique, fine dining room and finally to the private dining room at Mozaic’s beachside venue.

The Mozaic Beach Club, brain child of Chef Chris Salans and part of the Mozaic Group, opened in 2012 on Batu Belig Beach in Bali’s most popular resort area. Showcasing a poolside chill-out tapas menu, a lunch menu on the deck and a fine dining restaurant within the same premises, guests are drawn not only to the cuisine but also to the unbeatable Indian Ocean seascape. The large deck and poolside bar and lounge, situated only a few steps away from the new W Hotel, is perfectly located for a stunning sunset along Bali’s uber-hip South Coast. Combining Salans’ culinary genius and legendary hospitality, his flair for great service and the expertize of a team assembled over the years, Salans is known for creating perfect synergy.

Partnered with Chef James Ephraim at the helm of the kitchen, The Mozaic Beach Club exudes a refined and relaxed atmosphere. Chef James Ephraim is a native of England, where he started as a sous-chef with the highly praised Grosvenor Hotel.  This famous venue introduced Chef Ephraim to exclusive events with regular appearances at the Estate of the Duke of Westminster.   Leaving his native England for extraordinary experiences in the South Pacific and Australasia, Chef Ephraim was part of the opening team of Bracu Restaurant in New Zealand as chef de cuisine, and extended his stay down-under thereafter at Lizard Island Resort.

During culinary discovery holidays, Chef Ephraim completed a stage at Mugaritz in Spain, inspiring Mozaic’s all-day tapas menu.  Embracing the philosophy of Chef Chris Salans in the use of Bali’s freshest ingredients, Chef Ephraim has been a key asset in creating Mozaic’s modern Balinese Cuisine, a staple at the famed Ubud Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique over the last few years.

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