The Summerhouse


Built in the 1930s, the two-storey conservation bungalow was the former residence of a British Tech Wing commander. The beautifully preserved timberwork and fretwork of the interiors exudes vintage charm, while natural light pours in the generous high-ceilinged spaces.

Despite his young age, Chef de Cuisine Florian Ridder is a veteran of various Michelin-starred establishments. The Summerhouse’s offerings represent the culmination of his experience and influences. Fresh seasonal produce is meticulously sourced from local growers and producers, while garnishes are entirely harvested from the in-house edible garden. The centrepieces of The Summerhouse’s creations are the ingredients themselves, which are lovingly crafted into culinary showpieces. The result is a delicate, nature-inspired cuisine that mirrors the classic elegance of the colonial estate.

The SummerHouse

3 Park Lane,

Singapore 798387

T: (+65) 6262 1063


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