A Nod To Heritage


Experience authentic Japanese living at Sowaka Kyoto, where you find a play between old and new, luxury and simplicity.

Situated in the most historical area of Kyoto, Sowaka is a newly opened luxury hotel comprising 23 unique rooms that strike an eloquent balance between traditional ryokan culture and a forward-looking philosophy about what Japanese style and philosophy should be. Built on an original machiya townhouse from the early 20th century, guests can immerse themselves in the rich history of Kyoto, while the inside Japanese garden serves as an oasis of calm for anyone looking to slow down from a hectic life.

Inside the rooms, guests are treated to elements of traditional architecture with a contemporary minimalist style. Expect entranceways that recall Kyoto’s famed hidden alleyways and crafted screens that separate the outdoor baths with the verandas. For amenities, Sowaka is proud to be using all-made-in Kyoto luxuries such as facial kits from Kazurasei, roasted teas from Gion Tsujiri, coffees that are made from a local roaster and natural springless mattresses from Iwata.

Sowaka Kyoto is also home to famed Michelin-starred restaurant La Bombance. Helmed by the same chefs in Tokyo and Hong Kong, this restaurant plays with the concept of washoku dining, drawing from the rich variety of produce available locally to create meals that are distinctly Japanese yet subtly international.

With a name that translates as happiness, Sowaka creates a warm dialogue between Kyoto’s past and future that invites guests to join in and make it a part of their own history as well.


480 Kiyoi-cho, Yasaka Toriimae-sagaru, Shimogawara-dori

Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0821, Japan

T: (+81) 755415323



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