Alaya Resort Kuta


From the moment you enter Alaya Resort Kuta your eyes are spoiled by the cornucopia of distinctive eye-catching designs, from the smallest, most traditional table display, to the full-sized, bullet-ridden, metal F1-style car on the wall and everything in between.
The resort was designed by Australia-based Grounds Kent Architects (GKA) and locally based landscape designer Made Wijaya, with input from a diverse range of other Bali-based designers, including Moroccan-born interior designer Zohra Boukhari and Balinese visual artist Pintor Sirait (who made the F1 car).

Visual interest is caught by a sky-patterned ceiling, various intriguing lighting styles in different corners, rust-coloured walls and star-shaped wall cut-outs, among many other features, all set in a lush tropical garden that looks like it has always been there.

The rooms are stylish, in a muted grey with Balinese accents, salvaged teak, beautiful tiles and high-end bathroom amenities. Inspired by the ocean and their Kuta location, these highly comfortable and very functional rooms feature giant images of Bali’s surf scene, captured by locally based photographer Jason Childs, across the full height of one wall.

Revel in the excellent food at the indoor-outdoor Sukun restaurant and marvel at the exuberance that is Alaya Resort Kuta’s design.