Apple Watch Series 2

Available in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm, the new Apple Watch Series 2 looks similar to the original and buyers can opt for either the stainless steel or aluminium body. In line with the iPhone, the Series 2 comes in a range of colours: gold, rose gold, space grey and silver along with a plethora of different straps.

For those wanting a bit more exclusivity, the gold-plated edition of the Series 1 has been replaced by a beautiful white ceramic body. A high-temperature ceramic cast, polished smooth, creates an attractive finish that Apple claims is four times tougher than the stainless steel model.

The Apple 2 is heavily focused on health and fitness. It knows if you’re walking, running or even swimming and offers features such as energy expenditure and optical heart rate monitoring with unprecedented accuracy. Apple has also joined with Nike to launch the Apple Watch Nike+ and features some exclusive Nike watch faces, unique straps and pre-installed work-out apps.

Overall, the glitches have been ironed out by the new lightning-fast dual-core processor and an operating system that is much more intuitive. Being water resistant to 50m and featuring a built-in GPS, it really is cutting edge smartwatch technology designed for people who are always on the move.