BMW Driving Experience 2016

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In December 2015, BMW launched its BMW Driving Experience 2016 program, an unrivaled driving adventure across four continents. BMW believes that true freedom in driving means overcoming every obstacle, this is reflected through the BMW Driving Experience, where participants will have the chance to enjoy exciting adventures, combining comfort with a spectacular outdoor experience.

The BMW Driving Experience offers a truly professional, unique and spectacular opportunity for BMW customers around the world. As one the most prominent premium vehicle brands in the world, BMW constantly invents new ways to share the spirit of the brand. Through this Driving Experience 2016, BMW means to offer a series of adventures and experiences that are fully exciting, such as a winter event in Arjeplog, an astounding tour in Namibia as well as the limtless sands at exotic Mount Bromo, Indonesia. BMW aims to offer complete driving pleasure without compromising safety.

The publicly available driving experience programs in 2016 are as follows: The BMW Winter Driving Experience, Arjeplog, Swedia (23 – 27 February 2016); BMW Driving Experience Bromo, East Java, Indonesia (April – May 2016); BMW Alpine xDrive, Queenstown, New Zealand (17 – 18 August 2016); BMW Driving Luxury, Munich, Germany (5 – 9 July 2016); and BMW Driving Experience, Namibia (December 2016).

The professional team at BMW Driving Experience promises unforgettable moments at every turn, acceleration and braking manouvre. BMW fans will have their adrenaline flowing as they enjoy the exhilirating adventure at BMW Driving Experience.

Working in conjunction with its partners, HSBC and Turkish Airlines, BMW officially introduced this program at its press conference. Supported by Turkish Airlines, HSBC will send selected customers of HSBC Visa Signature Card Top Referrers and Premier Banking Customers Top Referrers to participate in this program.