Bollinger and Bond are Forever

Bogdan Vlase, Benson Agus, Sebastian Gassen

Premiering the latest James Bond film, Spectre, Bollinger held a memorable private screening at XXI Plaza Indonesia.

Featured now in 14 Bond films over the course of 42 years, Bollinger and Bond form one of the most longstanding marketing partnerships in the history of motion pictures, from the moment Sir Roger Moore as James Bond ordered a slightly chilled Bollinger in his San Moniquan hotel all the way to when the discerning secret agent decided to drink the exclusive prestige cuvée Bollinger R.D. 2002 in the franchise’s latest film, Spectre.

On 5th November, 2015, Dimatique Fine Wines brought together Bollinger’s most loyal patrons for an exclusive private screening of the new James Bond movie. The event kicked off in an elegant setting as the guests were treated to a wide selection of canapés and fine Bollinger champagne. The anticipation heightened as the privileged guests made their way into the cinema to enjoy the movie, which started with snippets of every Bond film that had Bollinger in it.

The elegant champagne suits Bond’s impeccable taste marvellously, as everyone attending the screening would agree. The evening’s event was thoroughly enjoyable, with guests talking about their favourite scenes from the film, or praising actor Daniel Craig’s finest performance yet as each of them took home a screening experience to remember.