Cocoon Restaurant Bar Beach Club

No Better Place to Live, Laugh & Love

Think freshly shucked oysters with Champagne vinaigrette; steamy Spanish meatballs with tomato and basil; wood-fired goat cheese pizza decadently topped with pear, walnuts and truffled honey; and Moroccan spiced chicken wings. Looking for a sweet treat too? How about some Spanish donuts with whipped crème fraíche and lemon marmalade, a custard apple crème brûlée with pistachio biscotti, passion fruit & white chocolate yogurt, or maybe just a scoop of homemade ice cream or sorbet? There is something for everyone on Cocoon’s tapas menu, so feel free to dig in and share this fun feast with your family and closest compadres.

Isn’t that what tapas are all about? Sharing a love for food with a love for family and friends? And what better place to roll with the good times than on Bali’s beautiful beachfront. Here’s the best news: you don’t even have to get sand between your toes – of course, you can if you want to! With an ideal address, Cocoon Beach Club is nestled serenely in the heart of paradise on Blue Ocean Boulevard overlooking the island’s hottest beach dining destination. From the comfort of your poolside lounger or from your seat at the Miami inspired bar, feel free to soak up the warm Seminyak sunset in peace – no bouncing puppies throwing sand in your lap, no beachfront merchants interrupting your funny stories. Just you and your amigos living the life from the safety of your comfy cocoon, Island Spice cocktail in hand.

Whether you just want to relax in the shade under one of the inviting poolside pavilions, or you want to dress to impress with your besties as the ocean breeze washes over you and your Truffleberry Martinis, Cocoon is a gourmand’s dream come true. So take your soul sister or significant mister by the hand, and move to the sounds of some of the world’s best DJ’s and entertainers – think Louis Vega, Crazy P, and Stacey Pullen. With food that delights, surroundings that entice, and music that excites all wrapped up in a single location, Cocoon Beach Club provides a 5-star sleek and stylish experience without the pretentiousness. Whatever the occasion, there is no better place to live, laugh & love.

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