Comfort Feast meets Hearty Drinks

Situated in the courtyard of one of Jakarta’s most popular malls, CHAMBER Food and Spirits is a chic modern restaurant that offers something special after every meal – a chance to enjoy a wide selection of premium liquid goodness to choose from with very approachable price tags.

Upon entering CHAMBER Food and Spirits through the front, you will be welcomed by smiling faces to help you get seated in either the cool semi-outdoor area out front or the inner dining area decorated with rustic industrial metals and opulent chandeliers. Tables are solid marble or of alluring dark colours lined with uber-comfy sofas and plush armchairs.

The focal point of décor, in my opinion, is the rows upon rows of exquisite wine and spirits neatly categorized and lined up on the wall, from floor to ceiling on some sides. From Japanese whiskies to Irish malts and rare beers, these bottles turned out to be quite the appetite arouser. Price tags are generally very visible, allowing guests to browse as they wish before deciding which to open after a hearty meal.

Speaking of meals, Executive Chef Jimmy Enggelete remarked that CHAMBER Food and Spirits tries to escape the common offering of Western food in a restaurant with bars. “We are mainly dominated by Asian cuisines with a handful of Western-Asian fusions combined with wine and spirits to boot.”

If you’re looking to enjoy some hearty dishes at your own leisure, feel free to visit CHAMBER Food and Spirits at lunchtime when the atmosphere is subtler. On the other hand, reservations are highly recommended if you arrive after about 4PM, both on weekdays and weekends, because the entire restaurant is almost always filled with diners looking to unwind with a few drinks after dinner.

CHAMBER Food and Spirits’s guests on weekday afternoons mostly consist of young executives, while the more mature crowd usually goes in after hours. ”Meanwhile, the weekends usually see quite a mix between these two groups. Our DJ plays not only on the weekends, but every single evening. This adds to the festive atmosphere we have at CHAMBER Food and Spirits. We are open until 12PM on weekdays and 2AM on the weekends.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the culinary world, leading kitchen teams at international five-star hotels, Jimmy’s high exposure to Western-style cooking only serves to perfect his fusion techniques, allowing him to create innovative dishes at CHAMBER Food and Spirits.

Some of the most coveted dishes at CHAMBER Food and Spirits include the lunch favourite, CHAMBER Food and Spirits mixed rice, which is a combination of pork belly, char siew, egg, a rich broth served on a side of delicious Hainan rice; aglio olio king prawn with mixed herbs and mild spices and a selection of meats, mainly for wine pairing options for those who like to pamper their palate with a nice gastronomic experience. “We recommend wagyu, tenderloin and sirloin for pairing options. Our more-than-qualified waiters are always ready to recommend wines that complement whichever steak you prefer to enjoy,” Jimmy added. With so many to choose from, your dining experience will be complete as you pick a bottle to wrap up your evening after your meal. The prices of these bottles are  noticeably friendlier than in the general market, so much so that all alcohol options at CHAMBER Food and Spirits come only by the bottle. So far, the market keenly embraces CHAMBER Food and Spirits is new concept of blending late-night drinks and delish cuisines, as it is now one of the most popular hangouts in Jakarta.

CHAMBER Food and Spirits

Pacific Place Mall, Lantai Ground

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD

Jakarta, Indonesia

T: (+62) 21 5797 3128