Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay

Singapore’s stunning beautiful and award-winning Gardens by the Bay is renowned for its innovative displays and creative themes. Next in the stellar line up is Floral Fantasy, opening to the public on 14 April, which brings flowers, artistry and technology together for a fantastical experience. Four diverse garden landscapes, themed Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift, seamlessly merge into the other and culminate in a 4D ride simulating the flight of a dragonfly through Gardens by the Bay.

The first landscape, Dance, features flowers suspended from above, forming a brightly coloured, immersive canopy. Guests then move on to Float, where unique trees with interesting forms twist and droop to create a sense of intimacy. Waltz provokes a sense drama with driftwood structures enhancing the rainforest feel. This is also home to the 4m by 2m poison dart frog vivarium, which will eventually house more than 30 of these tiny, eye-catching amphibians. The final landscape is Drift, a semi-enclosed space ringed with terraced rock and showcasing a glittering lightscape reminiscent of glow worms, plus a collection of exotic South American orchids creating a magical atmosphere.

Tickets are already on sale.