Fontana Hotel Bali



We’ve shown you a handful of picturesque honeymoon destinations, as well as some once-in-a-lifetime romantic getaways, but now here’s something for the savvy travelling couples; the couples that don’t want to break the bank, but refuse to sacrifice on quality. Cue Fontana Hotel Bali, ranked on Tripadvisor as the number one hotel in Kuta. The hotel might not boast a beachfront location with the most breathtaking views, but what Fontana prides itself on is its impeccable service and outstanding facilities. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The Fontana Touch

Fontana Hotel Bali resonates “urban and trendy” and it is the brainchild of the environmentalist architect Popo Danes and interior designer Nobuyuki Narabayashi. With this backing of creative genius comes an equally artful and amiable makeup. The hotel features a different artistic theme on each floor, from Andy Warhol and 3D ducks on the ‘pop-art’ floor, to the collection of inspiring real-life images on the ‘journalism’ floor. Throughout the luxurious rooms and into the hotel’s restaurant, cafe and lobby bar, every trinket and every canvas on the wall tells its own story, expressing urban art in a delightfully elegant way.

Visit the epicentre of this design at the hotel’s two main dining outlets: Sunny 16 cafe and Portabella Bistro. A cultural and literary playground with its vintage library and old-school boardgames like Scrabble and Monopoly, the 24-hour Sunny 16 cafe is a hedonistic sanctuary for both in-house and outside guests. Low settees encourage afternoon coffee dates, complete with freshly brewed artisan coffee, cakes and pastries. Next door, the hotel’s authentic Italian restaurant, Portabella Bistro, displays the owners collection of vintage Italian ornaments, serving the finest Italian dishes in a truly romantic setting.

The Honeymoon Package

New to the hotel this year, Fontana’s Honeymoon Package offers a totally worry-free experience, with all of the romantic details thoroughly taken care of. Celebrate in the intimacy of the alluring private suite; the largest room in the hotel presenting the perfect definition of luxury island life. The suite accommodates a custom-made egg-skin bathtub as well as a designer leather sofa, complete with a fluffy rug for you and your loved one to snuggle up together in front of the 42” LED TV.

As part of the honeymoon indulgence, Fontana invites you to take your partner by the hand and escape to the hotel’s rooftop oasis. Here you will find Fontana’s SUMA spa, offering one of the most beautiful wellness retreat setups on the island. The second you step out of the lift onto the fourth floor, a fresh breeze and trickling fountains provide a relaxing soundtrack to this rooftop haven. The Japanese stone garden, pebbled pathways and wonderful shrubbery create that ‘island in the sky’ feel.

Inside the spa, professional therapists offer a warm smile and caring guidance as they explain the healthful benefits of their organic and pure ingredients. Virgin coconut oil is full of antioxidants and vitamins E and K, while fragranced oils such as geranium, jasmine and rose rehydrate sun-kissed skin, not to mention their gorgeously relaxing aromas.

As part of the Honeymoon Package, couples can enjoy the spa’s Balinese Zen concept, with a complimentary one hour Zen massage. The treatment begins with a soothing lemongrass and lime welcome drink, served cold if the sun is shining, or hot if tropical rains are present. Select your favourite essential oils to be used during the massage; I opted for the “Pure Relaxation” – a heavenly combination of Ylang Ylang and Lavender.

To the soft sounds of nature, the magical hands of the masseuse uses firm yet calming strokes, making your entire body melt into the massage bed. Any troubles seem to float far above the rooftop garden to be replaced by pure relaxation and enlightenment. It certainly lives up to the Zen massage name…

You can also choose to ‘upgrade’ your treatment to one of the couples spa packages. The three hour “Mindfulness of Love” treatment indulges with a flower bath, exfoliation and aromatherapy massage, while the “Being True” scrub and massage will leave your skin feeling baby-soft and rejuvenated, thanks to the antioxidant-rich benefits of mangosteen rind.

The honeymoon package does not stop there, because now you’re thoroughly cleaned, it’s time for a stunning three-course candlelight dinner, served on the decking of Portabella Bistro. The decking area hosts one table exclusively for you and your loved one, overlooking the glowing pool and tropical garden. Choose from the Honeymoon set menu, including Italian classics such as Chicken Alfredo and Penne Arrabbiata, and the fresh and creamy strawberry and vanilla tart for dessert.

A beachfront location might be idyllic, but the perfect honeymoon is realised when everything you need is wrapped up in one artfully romantic package.