Harum Manis

A Sweet 6th Anniversary for Harum Manis

There are, obviously, many restaurants serving up Indonesian food in Jakarta, but almost none do it with the quality of food and ambiance that can be found at Harum Manis. Considered one of Jakarta’s best destinations for Indonesian fine dining, Harum Manis recently celebrated six years of success with a week’s worth of discounts for its loyal customers culminating with a grand party.

On March 26, long-time patrons, VIP guests and media supporters all came to Harum Manis for the lunchtime festivities. The 6th Anniversary event featured the theme of “Pasar Manis” (Sweet Market). To keep with the market theme, Harum Manis served guests many of the signature dishes from its extensive menu of classic dishes from the Indonesian archipelago using a collection of cooking stations set up like traditional kaki limas (food stalls). Among the many dishes on offer were Harum Manis must-try’s like Soto Betawi (a traditional soup from Jakarta) Guests, Bebek Panggang (grilled duck), Gudeg (curried jackfruit) assorted sate and a wide variety of traditional Indonesian sweets. Chef Beni Iskabul, who has been with Harum Manis since it opened, orchestrated an Indonesian feast that left everybody satisfied. It was a proud day for the Cassis Group, which also owns Harum Manis’ acclaimed French restaurant neighbour, Cassis.