Hong Kong’s Hotel Exhibitionists

When people think of art exhibitions, they usually imagine paintings and sculptures hanging or situated next to plain white walls. While that kind of minimalist setting allows the focus to stay on the art, it does not give potential buyers any sense of how a piece might look in their own home. That is the idea behind the Asia Hotel Art Fair, which displays artwork inside the rooms of a luxury hotel, with paintings placed on the bed, windowsills and walls while sculptures are installed in the bathtub. This unusual display concept is meant to enables visitors to visualise the artwork in their own house.

This year’s Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong is being held at the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, located in the heart of the vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui district. In a first for the fair, exhibitions will also be located in the adjacent Harbour City shopping complex, allowing for a wider range of exhibitions than in previous years.

This year’s AHAF in Hong Kong will allow visitors to explore four different sectors with a wide range of art works including paintings, sculptures, printing, photography, videos and new media works, including a number of innovative and experimental art pieces. The Galleries sector will present works from over 80 galleries from all over the world in the hotel rooms. There will also be spaces to highlight up-and-coming artists and large-scale installations and sculptures.

Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong will take place from Jan 16-19. For a complete programme and more information, go to www.hotelartfair.kr