ICE Orb levitating speaker

The must-have wireless Bluetooth speaker

Available only via Amazon, it’s rare to come across a product so beautiful and yet so useful in function and form. The gravity-defying ICE Orb is just that. Upgraded for 2018 with a host of new features, not only is it a strikingly designed levitating Bluetooth speaker, it’s also a work of contemporary art, crafted to perfection.

Connected to your player or smartphone via Bluetooth, the spinning orb is a high quality speaker system offering a 360-degree sound experience.  The orb can also be used without the base as a standalone Bluetooth speaker for extra convenience.

The base of the ICE Orb is just 25mm thick circular and includes a built-in USB port to allow tablets and smartphones to charge when the base is connected to a direct power source meaning the ICE Orb is all-in-one desk companion.