Luxury Homes in a Flash

Selo Group launches sustainable pre-crafted luxury villas in Indonesia.

Award-winning and fully integrated development company, Selo Group, has recently announced the launch of its pre-crafted designer villas that provide an opportunity for sustainable and cost-effective real estate anywhere in Indonesia.

The pre-crafted villas combine effortless luxury with the natural beauty of Indonesia’s surroundings. Head of Design Nino Osljanac has more than 15 years’ experience in architecture, interior design and master planning, specializing in luxury hotels, resorts, and bespoke villas, and has a portfolio of award-winning hospitality properties across Asia.

Each pre-crafted villa complements its location with panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows, an open layout with a private pool and deck, kitchenette, and expansive living spaces. The properties feature thoughtful designs with a theme in mind, from villas with Southern California-like charm to Surf Cabins and Surf Glampers for adventurous travellers looking for off-the-grid locations without sacrificing luxury comforts.

The seamless process begins on Selo Group’s pre-crafted villa website and combines the convenience of online shopping with the company’s hands-on approach. Buyers can select their preferred villa type, choose any manufacturing upgrades and add-ons, and then pick an assembly option. Afterwards, buyers can add the villa design to their shopping cart and submit the order. A Selo Group team member will then reach out to process the order and act as a guide towards creating the customized haven.

As one of Selo Group’s core values, sustainability and preserving the environment are prioritized at every stage of the development process, from construction to delivery and beyond. Building the projects off-site inside a custom facility eliminates exposure to the elements and minimizes construction waste. Since the materials are manufactured in advance, the pre-crafted villas are much quicker to build than traditional villas, thus avoiding unnecessary costs such as extended labour services or unforeseen charges.

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