Neri & Hu: Imprint Of Heritage

Design, innovation & beauty

A recent winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Webert’s new tap ware series ‘living’ enjoyed a spectacular presence at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Founded by architect/designers, Lyndon Neri and Rosanna Hu, Design Republic offers a unique collection of products created by the world’s best design talents, many of which have never been made available to consumers in China. Design Republic stands for a new birth of life and style, intending to spark the potential in ‘Chinese design.’

“We seek to explore the relationship between people and the simple objects they use in life – a plate, a teacup, a chair; it is here where we discover the beauty of everyday life,” says Lyndon. He adds that by crossing traditional boundaries to merge old and new, traditional and modern, opulent and austere, a dynamic platform of design is ultimately created.

Seeking to evoke change with top-quality materials and craftsmanship, Design Republic’s cutting-edge architectural design complements its products, providing a reinterpretation of the beauty that surrounds us. Fascinated by history and its path or capturing an ordinary scene in a snap shot, most neri&hu products are hand made, creating a true reflection of a place whose masters of trade can still be found waiting for patrons in the lanes of Shanghai.