Padma’s Pastimes

Since its opening, Padma Resort Ubud has won hearts with its picturesque and tranquil location – secluded from the overwhelming hustle and bustle. Now the resort provides guests with a variety of fun and enriching activities that cater to different interests and can be experienced within the comfort of the resort for an additional charge.

The cooking class is one of the all-time favourites. Since Padma Resort Ubud is also known for its delectable delicacies, now you can take a peek at the kitchen team’s secrets! From picking the freshest ingredients harvested in Padma Resort Ubud’s own botanical garden to picking the resort’s talented chef’s brain at the award-winning restaurant, this will be a memorable experience especially for culinary connoisseurs. Guests can further enhance their F&B skills by joining the mixology class to create their own signature cocktails taught by the resort’s professional “liquid chef”.

For guests who are looking to get active, there’s the jungle-trekking programme that allows them to explore the lush greenery around the resort and Taro village and get acquainted with the friendly locals. There is also a bespoke private yoga programme with a certified yogi. The best part is guests can wrap up the fun day at Padma Resort Ubud by warming up near the fire pit and enjoying free-flow tasty hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows.

Furthermore there are also free pastimes on offer: Sunrise Yoga, Sunset Yoga, bicycling, scavenger hunts, agroforestry and more. For a more detailed schedule check out Padma Resort Ubud’s website or email

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