Put a Ring on It

Discover the exclusive selection of engagement and wedding rings to represent the union of two hearts in everlasting love.

Trinity Ruban Solitaire By Cartier

Taken from the iconic Trinity collection, this piece is unlike your regular wedding band with its flowing diamond-studded ribbons creating a unique shape. The platinum band is paved with tiny brilliant-cut diamonds, and the centrepiece is the brilliant-cut diamond that comes in 0.50-0.79, 1.00-1.30 and 1.50-4.99 carat options.


Eternity Ring By Frank & Co.

For Frank & Co.’s latest wedding ring collection, the brand has collaborated with Indonesian couturier Sebastian Gunawan, which has resulted in the Love Knot line. One of the most prominent pairings is the Eternity ring, inspired by the Japanese obi and represents two souls harmoniously tied in a sacred vow.


Incontro D’amore By Bvlgari

The latest addition to BVLGARI’s bridal collection, the Incontro d’Amore, is a flawless platinum band with round brilliant-cut diamond and paved diamonds, available from 0.30 carats. Both ends of the band are united around the diamond apex, symbolising two hearts becoming one.


The Tiffany Setting By Tiffany & Co.

This engagement ring doesn’t need further introduction, as it is the mother of all engagement and wedding rings. The Tiffany is simple elegance with a platinum band and an unrivalled brilliant diamond, but don’t forget to pair it with the spark-studded Tiffany Embrace wedding ring. Be sure to pick out the classic Milgrain wedding ring for your man too.


Destinée Solitaire By Cartier

This ring successfully takes a classic design to an over-the-top opulence with 950% platinum, set with a brilliant-cut diamond available from 0.50 to 4.99 carats; the halo is also paved with brilliant-cut diamonds. The Destinée Solitaire proves that you don’t need contemporary shape to stand out and be sumptuous.


Earth Series By Mondial

Mondial has worked with visionary Indonesian designer Tex Saverio to launch five collections – one every six months. The first series is the Earth series that boasts three wedding ring designs, comprising the highest quality diamonds, best gold and delicate craftsmanship. The earthy theme is evident in the nature-inspired textures and shapes.