Raw Beauty


Bringing together raw materials and clean designs, the I Bordi collection illustrates how simplistic, natural beauty can transform your home into something magical.

The I Bordi range by Teuco is the result of a beautiful marriage, where a sense of harmony is uniquely matched with the universal voice of raw materials. A wraparound space may be strikingly simple, but it’s textured and designed to welcome and tantalise your senses on multiple levels.

The details of the I Bordi range are intrinsically inscribed in the material of their components, making each piece perfectly suited to any kind of design interpretation, whether it be Carrara marble or ultra-modern Duralight®; the patented material produced and processed entirely by Teuco with special composition that affords superior performance and luxurious styling.

The I Bordi journey is a chiaroscuro one. A journey of contrasts, luxury and simplicity, elemental shapes and opulent materials, where Duralight® is combined with the finest woods to create a game of material and chromatic contrasts, amidst marbles, glass and the light nuances of the finest carpets and seats.

In particular, the I Bordi bathtub is truly one of a kind, a beguiling and appealing product in both the Duralight® version as well as in the Carrara marble and Grey Stone versions. Available both in the stand alone and built-in versions, the bathtub affords a primitive and timeless elegance.

The I Bordi wash basins then bring to life the simple, textured elegance of the collection’s concept. Clean, raw and understated, the washbasins are inadvertently fascinating.

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