Rock with You

Hard Rock Cafe is an iconic restaurant chain that needs no introduction thanks to its strong, ongoing presence in 75 countries spanning 259 locations. The name resounds with goodwill and memories of authentic American cuisine and good music. After being revamped and relocated to Pacific Place Mall in 2013, Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta still attracts people with its iconic sign and offers a family-friendly vibe that is suitable for all ages. Set to charm neighbouring office workers looking for lunch meetings and after-office drinks, Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta has an open patio that extends right up to the street and is a great way of embracing Jakarta in all its glory over drinks as the sun sets.

The marvellous display of musicians’ memorabilia and instruments is still a trademark of Hard Rock Cafe. However, in the music department, Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta is making some changes and has a song list and videos that are more inclusive of different genres compared to the old rock-n-roll-only selections, while the live music has a more varied daily house band. One of the most exciting things coming up from Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta is the plan to bring back the famous I Like Monday, promising an electrifying line-up of 90s Indonesian bands to perform on the cafe’s main stage.

Asia Dreams November 2019 – January 2020