Sakala Bali

Fine dining doesn’t come much finer than at Sakala Bali, the French Contemporary restaurant in Tanjung Benoa helmed by world-renowned Executive Chef Frédéric Boulay.

Sakala Bali is Bali’s famed French restaurant wowing diners with contemporary cuisine that quite simply mimics modern art. You’ve heard of food that looks too good to eat, but here, each dish is so stunning you wouldn’t be surprised if you saw it hanging in the Louvre.

The reason it’s so good? Acclaimed French-Canadian Chef Frédéric Boulay has honed his craft in a handful of Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe, and he brings the same level of expertise to his dishes in Sakala Bali, from the presentation to the most sublime flavour combinations. What’s more, he uses the finest ingredients he can get his hands on, then he puts them together in a way that lets each component really stand out. He doesn’t hide anything by lavishing dishes in powerful marinades; instead, every delicate ingredient can be tasted and admired.

If you have time, dedicate an evening to Sakala Bali’s “Epicurean Menu”. Consisting of nine courses paired with a fine selection of world-class wines, the menu features an outstanding range of dishes that represent the very best of Chef Frédéric Boulay’s craft.

The perfect example of this is his “Sea of Japan” dish. Featuring an incredible spread of Hokkaido scallops, Chef Frederic touts the quality of these ocean treats as the best in the world – and we can’t help but agree. Sweet, plump and spectacularly juicy, he makes sure their unique flavour is tasted in every bite by lightly cooking them in a delicate beurre blanc sauce. Most scallops are as smooth as butter, but these are even softer, even creamier. They are served atop a bed of young spinach and Avruga caviar, while artistic stems of green asparagus and fried polenta add a little crunch to every bite.

“For me, a fine dining restaurant must use fine dining ingredients in their cuisine, otherwise, I wouldn’t consider it fine dining.” Says Chef Boulay. “Here at Sakala Bali, I believe we present true fine dining, because we use the best products wherever we can, from within the kitchen, right down to the tableware.”

This exemplary approach to quality continues with Chef Boulay’s “Decadence” platter of French duck foie gras prepared six different ways. Innovative versions of the prized liver include the crème brûlée foie gras complete with a sweet and crispy topping, or the foie gras cappuccino served in a small shooter glass and layered just like our favourite coffee. But to really taste the superior quality of this French delicacy, try the classic “Torchon” foie gras cooked sous-vide and gently marinated with sweet spices and Armagnac.

Another must-try dish is Chef Boulay’s light and tangy Coral Trout ceviche. Seasoned with exotic fruits, herbs, green lemon and virgin olive oil, each bite is beautifully fresh and zesty. The delicateness of the fish is truly remarkable, so elegant and dainty it gently melts away on the tongue. In the centre, a small mound of slipper lobster salad is mixed with an avocado guacamole; the perfect balance of top quality flavours and intriguing textures.

And while most chefs specialise in just one area of the kitchen, Chef Boulay is part of a special breed who just can’t stop at one thing. For him, a truly spectacular meal must end with an equally memorable dessert, so he has created a gorgeous selection of indulgent sweets. Our favourites are the two signatures: the chefs stunning “Bounty” dessert and the “7 Ways Chocolate”. The latter does exactly what it says on the tin using the finest Valrhona Grand Cru chocolate, while the Bounty sees a creamy, crunchy and crispy bar of Guanaja chocolate layered with coconut cream, sprinkles of hazelnut and a banana paste.

Sakala Bali also boasts a stunning wine cellar keeping some of the world’s finest grapes at their ideal temperatures. Award-winning sommelier Nyoman Adnyana is then on hand to pair any dish with a wine that is just right for the moment, making a perfect evening, that little bit better.