Savouring Premium Wine & Cheese with Dimatique Fine Wines

On 22nd July at Javanegra Gourmet Atelier, Dimatique Fine Wines hosted a collaborative premium dinner featuring exquisite French chateaux wines with the finest French cheeses from the Bernard Antony Cheese Cellar. Guests of honour for this elegant dinner event included Mme. Veronique Dausse from Chateau Phelan Segur, Ms. Gwendeline Lucas from Chateau La Dominique and M. Laurent Lebrun from Chateau Olivier. This elaborate wine-and-cheese pairing dinner was also hosted by internationally renowned gastronom William Wongso and Chef Andrea Peresthu, executive chef of Javanegra Gourmet Atelier.

Some of the highlighted pairing combinations of the evening included Chateau Olivier paired with Chevre et Brebis, Argentinean Beed and Spanish Iberico as well as Les Pates Dures; La Dominique’s was paired with Les Fleuries, whereas the Phelan Segur was paired with Les Croutes Lavees.

Gaetan de Corbier, Gwendeline Lucas, Laurent Lebrun & Veronique Dausse

Seats were very limited and every privileged wine and cheese enthusiast enjoyed the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with the crème-de-la-crème of society at this elegant event. As dinner commenced at 7PM, the hosts took turns indulging guests with short stories of each wine and cheese as they enjoyed their meals and savoured the pairing of fine wines and artisanal cheeses in a pleasant and inviting environment.