Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant

Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant is the only Japanese restaurant in Singapore to be awarded two Michelin Stars in 2016. Led by Emmanuel Stroobant Group, in partnership with gifted Japanese cuisine specialist, Hanachiyo, Shoukouwa pays an incredible amount of attention to the art of making sushi and is recognised for the consistency and dedication of the talented culinary team.Following a cooking style that is a thousand years old, Shoukouwa presents a world-class authentic edomae sushi experience and the refined techniques of preparing the highest quality fish.

The driving force behind the excellence of food at Shoukouwa is achieving the flawless balance between the type of fish, the proportions of the ingredients and the right temperature to ensure the perfect harmony of taste and texture. The restaurant is very intimate, seating only eight people at the sushi bar, with up to six people in the private dining room. The chefs prepare the food right in front of the guests contributing to the impression of an exclusive dining experience.

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