Gilded Indulgence

Although The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas exudes an impeccable style that appears to be effortlessly perfect, a sophisticated team trained in the art of high-profile discretion is behind every single decision, from the tip-top of the company’s corporate structure to the immaculately dressed bellmen handling the Louis Vuitton. As soon as you drive through the resort’s awe-inspiring entrée, marked by larger than life lotus and rose blossom sculptures, you get the feeling that the luxury travel lifestyle found at The Mulia can’t be categorised in a simple way. Adjectives such as opulent, glamorous and over-the-top just won’t do. More than an exclusive, world-class resort, The Mulia feels like a world of its own and that’s exactly what it is.

As the team of valet generously welcome you, your car slips gently away, replaced by a smart golf cart ready to transport you to The Mulia’s dream-interpretation of the French Riviera. Blessed with a phenomenal location along one of Southeast Asia’s prettiest white sand beaches, the views alone from each one of Soleil’s twin dining rooms make falling in love with the restaurant much too easy. There are other surprises too. Refreshing nuances that pleasantly take your breath away considering the impressive scale of The Mulia’s size and grandeur.

To keep guests on their toes, Soleil’s Executive Chef and his international culinary team are committed to sourcing and inspiring the production of fresh, boutique-raised produce and products, including organic, locally grown artichokes, squab, rabbit and quail. For Soleil’s sumptuous cheese fondue, the team found a local, gourmet cheese maker, who hand crafts the decadent European delight utilising old-world methods from a time-honoured tradition. Being the Italian cuisine perfectionist that he is, the Chef insists on having an authentic Italian chitarra pasta cutter to hand cut six varieties of pasta prepared and offered on Soleil’s daily menu.  Meaning ‘guitar’ in Italian, the chitarra resembles a musical instrument with metal strings that just happens to create perfectly shaped morsels of Italian goodness.

Only allowing the very best products into Soleil’s kitchen, the restaurant’s team reaches way beyond paradise to source Italy’s most beloved ingredients including Parmesan, Reggiano and foie gras. On Sundays, Soleil’s wildly popular brunch (booked months in advance by travellers coming in from all over the world) features oysters flown in directly from Vancouver’s perfectly chilled waters of Fanny Bay. Although the value of Soleil’s brunch is wildly attractive, especially with the lovely amenity of free flow wine, Soleil’s generous philosophy is that luxury can’t be measured in dollars. In a relatively short time, Soleil has established itself as a gastronomic sanctuary, one that consistently delivers world-class quality and service, exceeding the expectations one expects when making a dinner reservation.

With a Sunday brunch that’s already a cult favourite, Soleil has decided to give Bali’s residents and visitors yet another reason to spend more time at the sophisticated hot spot. Weekends have never looked or tasted so good as the Chef and his team now offer an exquisite set dinner menu with free flow wine every Friday and Saturday night, lasting until just before the stroke of midnight. A weekend dinner at Soleil defines the ultimate culinary indulgence before heading upstairs to The Mulia’s open-air Sky Bar, where Nusa Dua’s clear, starry skies are an intoxicating complement to innovative cocktails and world-class, international DJs.

Chef’s Pick: Astice all’acqua pazza

“This recipe was taught to me by my friend Gianni, with whom I worked with in Florence, Italy in the late nineties.  He was from Grosetto on the Tuscan coast and often brought the kitchen staff there on our days off. We visited nearby Porto Santo Stefano, where we swam and dived for lobster.  We would prepare the lobster simply – with garlic, lots of peperoncini, a splash of vermentino, and sweet cherry tomatoes. We devoured the lobster, and used garlic rubbed grilled ciabatta to sop up all the broth. It was the perfect meal to end a day at the beach.”