The Art of Spices and Teas


Drawing its soul and inspiration from Indonesia’s complex rich flavours of  herbs and spices, Pala Adas instills modern presentation and delivery to elevate the unique tradition of Indonesian cooking, and offers a dining experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Located in a strategic area at Pantai Indah Kapuk, which is rapidly gaining in popularity among casual diners and culinary enthusiasts, Pala Adas has enjoyed a very extensive following ever since it opened its doors in early 2014.

In conjunction with modern diners’ increasing awareness of everything healthy, all of the Indonesian offerings at Pala Adas are created with special thought into healthy and hygienic cooking. Using only pristine water, creativity and highly precise techniques, every single one of their 80 dishes represents healthier dining options without even slightly compromising quality or taste, and is delivered with a very honest presentation.

The entire range of ingredients at Pala Adas is completely fresh and local, which reflects the restaurant’s philosophy of presenting the best of Indonesia’s authentic flavours. These ingredients are handpicked personally by Executive Chef Hans Sumargo, who then ensures the consistency of every fundamental element, for example, by pouring undivided attention daily into the creation of special sauces and important mixtures. “Consistency is of the utmost importance. That is how guests recognize your characteristics, and if it aligns with their own taste, compelling them to come back and look for the same thing that appealed most to them in the first place.”

Start your Indonesian culinary journey at Pala Adas with one of the most popular appetizers available: the Tahu Isi. The complex mix of herbs and spices within each of the tofu clearly reflects Pala Adas’ expertise in utilizing the very basis of Indonesian cuisine. Unlike regular Tahu Isi found elsewhere, which is usually greasy, the water-based technique makes this dish very fresh and light, with the natural flavours of the vegetables perfectly presented and highlighted.

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One dish you absolutely have to try is the Iga Tiga Rasa, which is a plate of pork ribs in three different flavours and seasonings, namely sweet and spicy, green chili and sweet soy sauce. All three flavours represents a very unique palate with a very distinct twist. Among the three, my personal recommendation is the sweet soy pork ribs. The tenderness of the ribs combined with the sweet, slightly smoky flavours balances out the richness of the meat itself.

One of the most coveted main courses in Pala Adas is the Green Chili Duck: a very tender and well-seasoned dish that delivers more than just spiciness, but tantalizes your taste buds with a rich combination of flavours. This dish alone uses more than 20 different kinds of Indonesian herbs and spices. This dish has been a big hit ever since Pala Adas started. “Personally, I don’t eat duck. But I really enjoyed formulating the herbs and spices to go with it, and I’m also not one to turn down a chance to be creative. Fortunately, it turned out well and the Green Chili Duck remains our highest-selling dish since the opening of the restaurant.”

Owner and restaurateur May Farida is a tea enthusiast and her creative vision imparts a unique twist to add to Pala Adas’ already fascinating selection of meals: tea pairing. She introduces Gryphon Tea — a brand that you can only find at this restaurant — a crop of herbal teas with a distinct selection of flavours: Nymph of the Nile, Pearl of the Orient, Earl Gray Lavender, Azteca d’Oro and Lemon Ginger Mint.

While perfect for an afternoon high tea or simply as an accompaniment for breakfast, May discovered that the herbal properties of Gryphon Tea enhance those found in abundance within the dishes of Pala Adas, resulting in a synergy of flavours that complement each other and create a very distinct experience. Much like wine pairing in French culture, tea pairing might just be the next big trend in the regional culinary scene, as pioneered by Pala Adas. The recommended type of tea is displayed by the applicable dishes on the menu, like the Lemon Ginger Mint that goes well with the three-flavoured pork ribs, but guests are more than welcome to explore and choose which combinations works best for their palates.

Pala Adas Indonesian Bistro
Elang Laut Boulevard No. 8-10
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, Indonesia
T: (+62) 21 2921 9129


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