The Art of Stretch

Used for pain relief, muscle rehabilitation, functional flexibility and injury prevention, the protocol driven, scientific and anatomical approach to health, fitness and wellbeing, Motion Dynamics, has became part of a healthy lifestyle. Let’s find out more!

Motion Dynamics is a revolutionary fitness program that promotes correct postural and bio-mechanical movements. It encourages and inspires an active lifestyle by learning to move your body intelligently. Pre-habilitation and prevention of injury is the focus, with the culmination of nearly 20 years’ hands-on experience. Motion Dynamics uses a multi-disciplined, multi-layered approach to re-align posture and re-pattern body motion. It is a journey that returns your body to optimal alignment, flexibility and stability.

Introduced by Chris Watts, Motion Dynamics teaches a new way to treat muscular and postural disorders. This comprehensive manual therapy system is an exclusive, specific and transformational body work modality that uses active and dynamic movement therapies that quickly re-educate and re-pattern your movements and body alignment, improving speed, performance and endurance.

Motion Dynamics helps you to discover a functional range of motion, educates and physically transforms you, increases vitality and helps you feel and move like your younger self, also striving to teach body awareness and develop your “physical intelligence”.

With over 16 years of experience in the field of manual therapy and extensive learning, Chris Watts has formulated in a single treatment plan a series of manual therapy systems and protocols that will change the way you feel and move your body. All treatments offered are purely based on the Chris Watts Motion Dynamics Module and can be experienced at The Spa of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. The spa team is competent to train guests in the motion dynamics program by crafting a personal schedule, according to the physical needs of each individual.

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